Lee Bressler Explores Rise of Financial Services Industry Technologies

Lee Bressler Explores Rise of Financial Services Industry Technologies

Lee Bressler Explores Rise of Financial Services Industry Technologies


Lee Bressler
Lee Bressler

New York City equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler explores growing financial services industry technology market.


Designed and developed to compete with traditional methods of delivering financial industry services, the technologies utilized today in the financial services industry continue to represent an area of significant growth. That’s according to equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler as he reveals more about the rapidly evolving sector.


“In the most straightforward sense, we’re talking about technological innovations intended to improve activities routinely carried out in finance,” he explains.


From industry professionals to banking customers and other types of end users, the application of smartphones for banking on-the-go and online investment platforms are just two examples of technologies designed to make financial services more easily accessible to consumers and the general public, according to Bressler.


“At a professional level, meanwhile,” he adds, “technologies built around artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are revolutionizing the industry across the board.”


Lee Bressler Covers Consumer Levels

At a consumer level, Bressler goes on to highlight how both startup companies and more established businesses and financial institutions are equally focused on employing the latest financial services industry technologies. “Existing financial institutions, in particular, are rapidly implementing financial services industry technologies and solutions in an effort to improve accessibility to, and the usability of, their services, while simultaneously establishing an improved stance against newer competitors,” reveals the equity fund portfolio manager.


In recent years, technology has been used to automate trading, insurance cover, risk management, and countless other areas of the financial services industry. “Services rendered today may originate from a licensed insurer or bank, or from one of the many independent service providers utilizing open APIs enabled through, and supported by, recently established updated financial services industry regulations,” Bressler adds.


Electronic trading platforms, in particular, which facilitate trades via the web—and in real-time—have been widely described as ‘disruptive’ by those within the established investment sector. This, says Bressler, is largely down to the fact that such platforms are inexpensive to access and highly sophisticated, yet often require little knowledge of financial markets in order to begin trading.


“As financial services industry technologies continue to evolve,” he adds, wrapping up, “it will be interesting to see how the field further disrupts other aspects of what has long been a particularly traditional business sector.”


Lee Bressler is an established equity fund portfolio manager with a background in bottom-up fundamental analysis. Bressler has previously served as both a senior analyst and portfolio manager. Currently based in New York City, Bressler’s other interests include artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as enjoying baseball, music, and theater.

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