Lee Bressler - Soaring AI Chip Market

Lee Bressler Explores Soaring AI, Chip Market

Lee Bressler Explores Soaring AI, Chip Market

Wall Street equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler looks toward a rapid surge forecast for today’s soaring artificial intelligence chip market during the next five years.


Lee Bressler
Lee Bressler

With Wells Fargo Securities predicting that the artificial intelligence chip industry will ‘soar’ over the course of the next five years based on recent projections made by global research and advisory firm Gartner, equity fund portfolio manager Lee Bressler explores this cutting edge and rapidly surging market, on track to be worth an estimated $34.3 billion by 2023.


“Wells Fargo Securities’ analysts have cited projections made by Gartner to calculate an anticipated 52% annual rise in AI chip sales between now and 2023,” explains Bressler, a keen proponent of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.


This 52% annual growth, he explains, would see the AI chip market grow from a value of $4.27 billion in 2018 to a staggering $34.3 billion by 2023. “From huge data centers to smart home devices, the demand for increasingly powerful AI chips is only going to grow in coming years,” adds the equity fund portfolio manager, “not to mention the longer-term importance of highly customized AI chips.”


Indeed, Wells Fargo Securities’ analysts, too, point toward more specialized, custom chips being an area of particularly significant growth between now and the early-to-mid-2020s, with the investment bank’s calculations highlighting Amazon.com and Alphabet’s Google, both of whom are currently developing their own custom AI chipsets.


“Elsewhere, private chip companies including Graphcore, Cambricon, Wave Computing, Cerebras, Syntiant, and Mythic are simultaneously contributing to their own multi-billion dollar independent AI-focused chip industry, with the sector having already raised an estimated $1.2 billion through venture capital funding,” adds Bressler.


While established firms such as Intel and NVIDIA already exhibit incredible product breadth, start-ups such as Cerebras and Mythic are shaping up to be formidable rivals, he suggests, potentially capable of achieving a competitive advantage thanks to their collective and broadening common platform approach.


“Accordingly,” adds Bressler, wrapping up, “we may be looking at a distinctly different AI chip market landscape from today even as soon as the very early 2020s.”


Lee Bressler is an established equity fund portfolio manager with a background in equities and hedge funds primarily focused on bottom-up fundamental analysis. Bressler has previously served as both a senior analyst and chief information officer. Currently based in New York City, Bressler’s other interests alongside artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies include theater, baseball, and electronic music.

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